Welcome to EvilRobotLabs

Hello and welcome to EvilRobotLabs!

EvilRobotLabs is now officially open for business. Everything is pretty much setup now and shouldn't change too drastically from here on out, there are a few cosmetic changes that are still being worked on but they will not affect the sites functionality. That being said should you encounter a problem or have a question that is not already answered in the site F.A.Q please feel free to reach me by using the Contact Form.

Make sure to keep an eye out in the Shop for the arrival of the Retrode2! This fantastic device along with it's plugins will allow you to enjoy your classic video game cartridges on your computer, via the appropriate emulator of course. The Retrode2 even allows you to backup your save games from your cartridge, truly a fantastic bit of kit that will no doubt come in handy if you should ever have to replace the battery on your classic game cartridge. Once they arrive I'll be sure to post a few tutorials here on how to use the Retrode2.

Stay tuned to the Blog for announcements related to new product arrivals and helpful information about Retro Gaming.

Have Fun