Retrode2 Introduction

The Retrode2 acts like a adapter enabling your computer to access your classic game cartridges. Think of it as an external hard drive or flash drive. So, when you plug it into your computer it will appear in your file manager like any other storage device.

When using the plugins with N64 and GBA cartridges make sure you first set the voltage switch located inside the Retrode2's SNES slot to 3.3v, 5v is used for everything else.

How to use the Retrode2

- To backup your ROMs first make sure the cartridge pins of your game cartridge are clean, this is important to make sure everything works properly.
- Next plug in the game cartridge to your Retrode2 then connect the Retrode2 to your computer via the provided USB cable.
- Once the Retrode2 is connected to the computer open your file manger and look for a new device called "RETRODE". *It may take a few seconds for the Retrode to be recognized by your system.
- Open RETRODE with a file manger. You will see a RETRODE.CFG file, this is the configuration file for the Retrode2 do not edit this file unless you know what you are doing. You should also see the ROM and save game files in RETRODE. (It is worth noting that the SRAM file only appears if the game has a battery backed up save function.)
- Copy the ROM and save game files to where you would like to back them up.
- Once the files are done being copied you can now use them in RetroArch or your emulator of choice.

Have Fun