#.. 39

Weaker then before the empty sky the thin lines between the story weep our lies secret truths to ourselves in memory about the manufactured thoughts of an ageless era rebuilt on ruins in fragile stone these days long for truth in words once proud taken back and twisted by the new authors once upon a […]

#.. 37

The shadow maker pulls the string to watch the world spin its firm hand on the invisible switch you created us when you took our voice warped aggression of a thousand knives bleed through that burning noise in your ear is our silence screaming louder then your boots ever could we are the shadow of […]

#.. 32

Ink runs dry and fingers go numb relevance dulls the pages crack watching the world fall in on its self what happens when the kingdom falls and the story book heroes never were broken dreams in my dead hands the colour bleeds out

#.. 31

Kill the saints plague of misguided intentions factions of worship lies and books your higher calling of deception rotten roots infecting the soil spreading from extremities organs bleed recalibrating the vessel’s vague voice becoming your tools of dispersal the virus is airborne

#.. 30

Do you know the truth behind the walls and why you choose to care does it mater? If you know if you care if you think what the world seems to be is the world so real they can tell you how to feel keys to the mind’s closet

#.. 29

Who stole the sun from the dark? on days lost in the night believe in nothing said forgotten wishes are the result of broken words promises lost in space too close to a void

#.. 28

Shattered fingers hold the vase miracles to all in time to another rebirth of the future and awakened to the world left behind