#.. 53

What to say with ruined hearts heavy words that lie above us afraid to loose touch our truth with frail skin to break understanding calculated emotion knowledge of our stories end Advertisements

#.. 51

These fading whispers take me as I touch the shadow to my head let another make the small parts fit chemicals painted on our lips holding back another face reaching for scattered thoughts of sand like glass stars holding skies

#.. 47

We communicate through walls and let our minds wander the ever reaching thought of something more never really that far from ourselves looking past what we are made from carbon dreams of a chemical future prescribed by the shell of hope

#.. 46

Our minds close to shield us from the fall a single point event that takes us to who we are shadow histories of light held up by string so hard to see hours of the minute past altered as the distance grows to ourselves the message changes and we tell another story of our fall

#.. 45

What are you teaching your writers? rules of dreams controlled by the institution another ideology gone just a plaque on a wall imagination is the chaos of random thoughts not a rule on a sliding scale to be learned in a box inspiration from the deep end of dreams becoming untangled forms across a sea […]

#.. 44

Repair the skin for this loving disease break apart and start again for new dawns in badlands renegade dreams take form seek out and touch a new face create a new love all this life wants is change from a dead sky to a brilliant sun

#.. 40

Please let me see the darkness inside the places I am to realize a dream slipping away the faceless wish and the need to strive show me the reason for the fire and decay times advance of a surface changed I attack the face I once knew the thoughts I once had the dream I […]