1st Round of Updates

Well the first round of updates have been implemented. For the shop just go to the “Beta” page in the menu. First thing of note is that evilrobotlabs.com now accepts PayPal and just like before you will be able to purchase without needing to create an account. The second is that for the moment we […]

How to use RetroArch

To obtain RetroArch go the the official site it can be found at retroarch.com and download the version for your operating system or device. If you are using a Linux based operating system use the package manager (Software Center) for your distro. The majority of Linux distros include RetroArch in their repositories. It is also […]

Retrode2 Introduction

The Retrode2 acts like a adapter enabling your computer to access your classic game cartridges. Think of it as an external hard drive or flash drive. So, when you plug it into your computer it will appear in your file manager like any other storage device. When using the plugins with N64 and GBA cartridges […]

Retrode2 Now in Stock

The wait is over the Retrode2 and its Plugins are now in stock! Not only can you use the Retrode2 to play your classic game cartridges using your favourite emulator on your computer but you can also use it to connect your classic SNES and Sega Genesis controllers to your computer as well. I will […]

Accessibility Tips in Solus

Recently I setup a computer for a friend with a visual disability referred to as low vision. So while he is not blind and can see it is still very difficult for him to see certain things. It is particularly difficult for him to differentiate the difference between colours that are similar to each other, […]

USB Retro Gaming Controllers Now in Stock

New USB Retro Gaming controllers have just arrived. These controllers are perfect for use with RetroPie and RetroArch on your Raspberry Pi or PC. There are two versions of this controller one with the North American purple coloured buttons and one with the European (or Gravis) multi-coloured buttons. Also new to the store is a […]

Welcome to EvilRobotLabs

Hello and welcome to EvilRobotLabs! EvilRobotLabs is now officially open for business. Everything is pretty much setup now and shouldn’t change too drastically from here on out, there are a few cosmetic changes that are still being worked on but they will not affect the sites functionality. That being said should you encounter a problem […]